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Jun. 11th, 2011

patricia alone

Writer's Block: Talk of the town

If you were given your own talk show, who would your first guest be, and why?

Dreamguest: Johnny Depp, because I love him. But he doesn't like to do talkshows and intervieuws plus if I had a talk show I don't think it would be big enough in the beginning to get a star like that.

Realistic: I would like to have a local guest. Someone who tries to change the community or something. Perhaps do something about the rich history of my local town. Something people can relate to but also aspire to. Whilst making a difference.

May. 17th, 2011

patricia alone

Writer's Block: Merlin revisited

If you were granted unlimited magic powers for just five minutes, what would you do?

Get myself a TARDIS and travel time and space.
I could have said, save mankind, end world hunger and war, but I'm selfish like that.

Mar. 17th, 2011

patricia alone

Dragon age 2

I finished my first playthrough (and started my second:P) and so I will write a short revieuw for it, because I can and I will.
Be aware that I will try to keep spoilers to a minimum, but there will be spoilers, so don't read if you don't like to be spoilered.

Revieuw bonanzaCollapse )
patricia alone

Writer's Block: Have a drink on me

If you were going to make a signature drink that was named after you, what would you put in it?

Duuudddee, I already have a signature drink!
Cookies for those that post a picture of themselfs drinking it.

Dec. 6th, 2010

patricia alone

World of warcraft

As some of you might know I have played WoW for a short period. I quit because of various reasons.
I didn't have my own pc, so I had to use my brothers, which cut down into my gametime.
This also prevented me from playing with my brother, his girlfriend or other of his friends.
So I didn't like playing anymore. I loved playing with others. Questing together, or running a dungeon. (never got high enough level for raids or PvP), but alone I didn't like that much.

Then when I got my own computer my account got banned. I got hacked and someone used it for goldmining or something. I don't know.
Blizzard restored it, and send me a link to change my password. Because I didn't have WoW installed yet I didn't click the link. Stupid, since the link expired.
Now my account has a different password, which I don't know. I could contact Blizzard again, but I don't know. I don't feel like it.

Yesterday I talked with my brother. Cataclysm looks awesome. He always gave me shit because I bought the game and he couldn't invite me, linking our accounts. Which is kinda awesome.
And now  I kinda want a new account.

So, his girlfriend is gonna invite me and we will level together. Probally Alliance, on my bro's Ally server. I really like nightelves (and bloodelfs from horde) and she allready has a lvl 80 on Horde.

I'm excited.

Oct. 31st, 2010

patricia alone

day 2 in hospital

Dag 2:
Goed geslapen vanacht. Na de slechte eraring van gisteren heb ik mijn ouders om oordopjes gevragd. Het sluit het geluid niet helemaal af, maar genoeg zodat het lijkt van verder weg et komen.
Gisteravond ook beter gegeten. de pijn is ook een stuk minder hoewel het deze ochtend wel wat stijf is doo het slapen.
En mijn lieftallige Cees heeft gisteren mijn haar gewassen. De zuster had gezegd dat ze moest kijken of daar tijd voor is, maar toen cees hier was vroeg ze of hij het dan wilde doe. En dat wilde hij..  He's so sweet.  Nou is Cees door zijn Fringe of Legend and Despair wel natuurlijk de haarspecialist van zaanstad.
Gisteren ook veel bezoek gehad. Naast mijn ouders en Cees (die bij beide bezoekuren aanwezig was) ook Yvonne en mijn oom en tante. Heb nu kaartjes en nog meer chocomel en food.
Alleeen heb de verkeerde oplader hier liggen voor mijn telefoon, dus mijn telefoon staat nu uit, omdat de batterij bijna leeg is. Even wachten tot mama onlne is.

Pleeze mindd the spelling. Computer is zo traag dat ik niet kan teruglezen wat ik typ. Daar typ ik te snel voor. Computer kan het net verwerken. Hoera voor blind typen.
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Aug. 26th, 2010

patricia alone

Daily meme writing thing...

I got another Meme.
This is one of those: Daily doing things for awhile style meme.
So.... I'll just do it for 2 days and then forget. But who cares.
Didn't know which filter it was suited for. So I didn't use one.

Day 1 — Your Best Friend
Dear Tommy,
You are never going to read this, because you ´don´t do´ livejournal, which might be for the best since you ain´t never going to let me live this down.
I´m glad for you support. We have had arguments and fights, but when things get hard you are there for me. I know that you think my dollies are freaky and I hate your obsessions most of the time, but what ever. I fucking love you dude! In a none sexual manner.
That would be totally wrong.

Greets me.

Day 2 — Your Crush
Day 3 — Your parents
Day 4 — Your sibling (or closest relative)
Day 5 — Your dreams
Day 6 — A stranger
Day 7 — Your Ex-boyfriend/girlfriend/love/crush
Day 8 — Your favorite internet friend
Day 9 — Someone you wish you could meet
Day 10 — Someone you don’t talk to as much as you’d like to
Day 11 — A Deceased person you wish you could talk to
Day 12 — The person you hate most/caused you a lot of pain
Day 13 — Someone you wish could forgive you
Day 14 — Someone you’ve drifted away from
Day 15 — The person you miss the most
Day 16 — Someone that’s not in your state/country
Day 17 — Someone from your childhood
Day 18 — The person that you wish you could be
Day 19 — Someone that pesters your mind—good or bad
Day 20 — The one that broke your heart the hardest
Day 21 — Someone you judged by their first impression
Day 22 — Someone you want to give a second chance to
Day 23 — The last person you kissed
Day 24 — The person that gave you your favorite memory
Day 25 — The person you know that is going through the worst of times
Day 26 — The last person you made a pinky promise to
Day 27 — The friendliest person you knew for only one day
Day 28 — Someone that changed your life
Day 29 — The person that you want tell everything to, but too afraid to
Day 30 — Your reflection in the mirror

Aug. 22nd, 2010

patricia alone

Mass Effect 2 ramblings!

This won't make any sense to anyone who does NOT play Mass Effect be it 1 or 2.

First off: I decided to stay faithfull with my Paragon Fem Shep to Kaidan. It's the thing she would do.

I hate Husk (and abonimations) with a vengeance. They creep me out. I hate the sound they make, the way they run and their melee attacks. When I hear that moaning of them I get freaked out so much I can't aim straight, so I have to do with my shockwave.
Right now I'm at the final stage of the game (went through the Omega 4 Relay and giving shit to the Collectors) and there is a part where there are alot of husk.
For the love of God I can't get past it. I just get freaked out so much I'm useless. On the Derelict Reaper ship it was allready bad enough (OMG THEY ARE CRAWLING FROM THE FUCKING FLOOR) but now it's worse.
The moaning and the running and *shivers*
I need to get past this to win the game. I allready know from reading walkthroughs that I'm almost done, but damn... these husks get to me.

This is the reason I can not play Silent hill or any thriller games. I get creeped out way too easily.

P.s. I'll clean my room when I finished this damn game!

EDIT: OMG I FINISHED THE DAMN GAME! God that felt good, and I didn't die once in the end battle! 
Lost only Mordin. Which sucks since I liked Mordin, why couldn't Grunt die. I don't like Grunt.

Aug. 15th, 2010

patricia alone

Sickly Chaos!

I had so much plans for this weekend.
My brother bought a spiegelreflex camera so I was going to take pictures of my dolls (or at least mess around with the settings a little) and try to do some things on photoshop with it.
I wanted to clean my room since it is due.
I wanted to go and see Fantastic (in Amsterdamse Bos).

But... I'm sick.
It's probally a cold, but still. I've got a headache since friday (and friday night at Tom's didn't help. Got a major allergic reaction to his dogs).
I feel my sinuses are acting up, but I'm not really having a runny nose or clogged, just the feeling that they are full.
Which jdoesn't help with the headache.

Yesterday I slept most of the day in the garden. Hopefully getting a tan. Today just lying on the couch watching TV.

I don't like paracetamol (since I can't take pills that well) so I try to not take them when I can, but now I'm taking 2 a day. Nosespray also adds with that.

Good news: I finished Mass Effect (as a Paragon Vanguard) and will now continue that character with mass effect 2. Still deciding if I should remain faithfull to Kaidan or get me some hot dino loving with Garrus.
It's hard deciding when I don't know the consequences in ME3 yet. But the awkward conversations that will be had then will be awesome.

Jul. 20th, 2010

patricia alone

London Trip

So, I'm back from London.

It was awesome. Had some very VERY Epic moments. I won't give a detailed account, just some highlights
My top 3 epic moments:


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